Welcome to the 2015 Inverness Highland Games  
Monday, March 31, 2014, 08:39 PM
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The 2015 Inverness Highland Games looks set to be one of the most memorable ever seen in the Highlands as we head to the banks of the River Ness to celebrate the very best of Scotland's traditional heritage at Northern Meeting Park - the world's oldest Highland Games stadium.

Situated behind Inverness Cathedral just across the river from Inverness Castle; our stadium is easy to find; especially if you follow the crowds making their way across the River Ness to the field!

Please don't forget to bring your camera as our Games field is designed to allow you to get some great photographs of the action.

The Inverness Highland Games is sponsored by the Inverness Common Good Fund with great support from our local business community community.

Our Piping Competitions are sponsored by Nicol Manson and our ASN Events are sponsored by Frasers Quality Butchers.

To all our sponsors and our volunteers, and to all our competitors and performers and their families, a huge thank you for your support for our event.

This year's Games will feature everything that you would expect to see at at a traditional Highland Games plus you will be able to enjoy the the Forge Gym Strong Woman event at our Games and another attempt at the legendary Stonemason's Stone by our male heavies.

The 252 pound boulder over a 5 foot bar challenge was first attempted in 1822 and oh how our crowd roared their approval when Sinclair Patience succeeded in launching it over the bar last year.

See you there
The Committee
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