2017 Programme  
The Inverness Highland Games will be staged in Bught Park Stadium on Saturday 15th July 2017, and this year's Gathering promises to be one of the biggest ever.


10:00 Competitor Registration Commences
10:30 Spectator Gates Open
11:00 Traders Village and Exhibitions
11:00 Solo Piping Commences
11:00 Highland Dancing Commences
11:00 Primary School Shinty Sixes
11:30 Junior Field Events
Junior Field Events
U 11 Boys - Long Jump
U 11 Girls Long Jump
U 13 Boys Shot Putt
U 13 Girls Shot Putt
U 13 Boys Long Jump
U 13 Girls Long Jump
U 15 Boys Shot Putt
U 15 Girls Shot Putt
U 11 Boys Shot Putt
U 11 Girls Shot Putt
U 15 Boys Long Jump
U 15 Girls Long Jump
12:00 Chieftains Welcome and Opening Ceremony
12:10 Inverness Highland Games Hall of Fame Ceremony
12:15 Mass Highland Fling
12.30 Senior Heavies - The Hammer

13.00 Senior Track and Field Events
13.00 Senior Field Events
13.15 Senior Heavies - Weight for Distance

13:30 Track events
ASN Male 100 yds
ASN Female 100 yds
U11 Girls 100 yds
U11 Boys 100 yds
U13 Girls 100 yds
U13 Boys 100 yds
U15 Girls 100 yds
U15 Boys 100 yds
ASN Male 100 yds HCP
ASN Boys 100 yds HCP
Senior Women 100 yds
Senior Men 100 yds
14:00 Heavy Events - Braemar Stone
14:15 Field Events
ASN Boys Shot
ASN Female Shot
ASN Girls Shot
ASN Boys Shot
14:30 Heavy Events - Braemar Stone

14:30 Track events
U 13 Girls 800m
U13 Boys 800m
U15 Girls 800m
U15 Boys 800m
Senior Women 800m
Senior Men 800m
14:45 Field Events
Senior Men High Jump
Senior Women High Jump
15:15 Senior Women 400m
Senior Men 400m
15:30 Scottish Country Dancing
15:30 Field Events
Senior Men Long Jump
Senior Women Long Jump
15:40 Scottish Country Dancing
15.45 Senior Heavies - 56lb Weight Over the Bar

15:50 Track Events
ASN Boys 200m HCP
ASN Males 200m HCP
U 11 Girls 200m
U11 Boys 200m
U13 Girls 200m
U13 Boys 200m
U15 Girls 200m
U15 Boys 200m
Senior Women 200m
Senior Men 200m
Senior Men 1500m
Senior Women 1500m
16:15 Massed Pipes and Drums
16:15 Field Events
Senior Men Shot Putt
Senior Women Shot Putt
16:30 Clan Village Closes
16:45 Track Events
Girls 4 x 1/2 lap
Boys 4 x 1/2 lap
Women 4 x 1/2 lap
Men 4 x 1/2 lap

17.00 Senior Heavies - Tossing the Caber

17.30 Senior Heavies - The 252lb Inverness Stonemason's Stone Challenge