Looking Back - 2014 Masters World Championships 

MWC2014 Review

In 2014 Inverness hosted the Masters World Championships for the 3rd time and so many competitors asked to take part (a world record 157 from 14 countries) that we had to move the event from Northern Meeting Park to Bught Park and extend the event from 2 days to 3!

The weekend was a huge success and featured a successful attempt on the Guinness World Record for Simultaneous Caber Tossing. The Tomatin Toss saw over 100 cabers launched in the air with an amazing 66 cabers being judged to have been successfully turned.Click on the link below to enjoy a look at what was an unforgettable weekend.
MWC2014 Official Film

The weekend also featured the announcement of the 2014 Inductees into the Scottish Masters International Hall of Fame and we were delighted when it was announced that our Games Secretary Gerry Reynolds was to be inducted in recognition of his contribution to International Highland Games. Click on the link below for more information.
Gerry Reynolds Hall of Fame Citation

Results for MWC 2014
M40-44 Michael Dickens 13
Tommy Debruijn 14
Mark Wechter 30

M45-49 Jason Young 12
Andreas Deuschle 22
Craig Reid 46

M50-54 Alistair Gunn 17
Mark MacDonald 18
Dale Gehman 31

M55-59 Hans Dieter-Dorrow 9
Rick Kramer 17
Al Stagner 31.5

M60-64 Frank Henry 18
Mark Buchanan 20
Bill Leffler 25

M65-69 Wayne Staggs 15
Ian Percy 16
Terry Lalley 18

M70-79 Hans Hugo Suerth 9
James MacBeath 12
Christoper Street 27
Bill Rogers 27

M80+ Ian Miller 10
Edward Mulcahy 14

M40<200 Mark Howe 18
Scott Clark 19
Neil Mckenzie 22

M50<200 Kirk Taylor 13
Jim Spalding 15
Craig Smith 29

W40-44 Erica Hay 13
Laura Reusser 17
Melanie Mellinger 21.5

W45-49 Mona Malec 14
Juli Peterson 17
Michaela Pennekamp 23.5

W50+ Terri Ventress 10
Denise Houseman 24
Karyn Dallimore 36
Michelle Crownhart 36

The Tomatin Toss
NEW Guinness World Record Achieved for Simultaneous Caber Tossing
66 Turned!