MacGregor’s Bar & Traditional Music

Music & Culture

Throughout the afternoon you will hear some of the very best in Scottish music in our beer tent. The music will be hosted by MacGregor’s Bar, THE bar when it comes to traditional music and culture. Traditional songs, piping and the Legendary MacGregor’s Traditional Music Session will be transporting itself to the games for one day only! (Sessions are impromptu gatherings where musicians share music spontaneously around the table with a beer or two – the true essence of Scottish music.) 

Not only will there be a fantastic selection of live music but also some of the finest beverages available from local suppliers.

The Highland Malt Whisky Experience will also be found in this tent. More information on this can be found here.

 Those performing throughout the day include; 

Bruce MacGregor

Blazin Fiddles

Gregor Lowrey

Ceilidh Minogue – Accordion 

The Inverness Gaelic Choir


Jonny Hardie

Old Blind Dogs – Fiddle

Brian MacAlpine

Session A9 – Piano

Davy Holt


Melanie Simpson


Dagger Gordon


Graeme Scott